From the outset, the primary purpose of The Wabakimi Project has been to produce a set of maps to help visitors plan and mount self-directed, self-guided canoe trips in the Wabakimi Area. In early 2015, Friends of Wabakimi assumed copyright ownership and responsibility for design, development and production of these maps.

Individual Wabakimi Canoe Route Maps are bound in separate volumes according to their location in a particular watershed and are designed to be taken into the field to complement the use of 1:50,000 NTS topographical maps.

Map booklets may be ordered using the printable Retail Mail Order Form. Suggested retail price is $30.00 per unit ($25.00 for FOW members) plus shipping & handling and is subject to change without notice. Foreign orders should be paid in $US to cover international postage. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery from receipt of order.

Proceeds from the sale of these map booklets will be used to underwrite future reconnaissance expeditions to explore, rehabilitate and document canoe routes in the Wabakimi Area and to maintain routes already established.

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