Volume Three

Volume one title pageThis is the third of a series of planned booklets of canoe route maps that will eventually cover the entire Wabakimi area. It contains 24 maps that cover the the Ogoki River and the majority of its southern tributaries.

The coverage area extends from Harris Lake east to Little Caribou Lake and south to Maggotte Lake below the Kopka River. The southern tributaries of the Ogoki River contained in this booklet include Devizes Creek, Smye Creek, Flindt River, Allan Water River, Nemo River, Boulder Creek, Lookout River, Boiling Sand River, Caribou River and Brockway Creek.

Each map is digitally produced in full colour on 8.5” x 11.0” high-quality paper to depict canoe route values such as the locations of campsites and portages. Accurately measured portage lengths are expressed in metres to make them compatible with topo maps. Locations of outpost camps and lodges are included where assistance may be obtained should an emergency arise. A descriptive title indicates the extent of the map coverage and the direction of flow of the main intervening waterway (e.g., Davies Lake to Ahleen Lake via Palisade River). Maps are uniform in scale and each overlaps adjoining maps for seamless coverage of a canoe route. Enlargement circles provide details of portages as well as the known locations of hazards or obstacles such as swifts, rapids and waterfalls.

Wabakimi Canoe Route Maps booklets may be ordered by mail using the printable Retail Mail Order Form.

Volume Three Coverage Map (PDF - 4.6MB)

Table of Contents

1. Harris Lake to Heathcote Lake via Neston Lake

2. Heathcote Lake to Wilkie Lake via Smye Lake

3. Heathcote Lake to Flindt Lake via Flindt River

4. Flindt Lake to Tew Lake via Flindt River

5. Heathcote Lake to Allanwater Bridge via Barrington Lake

6. Allanwater Bridge to Termite Lake via Allan Water River

7. Flindt Lake to Brennan Lake via Gault Lake

8. Brennan Lake to Granite Lake via Allan Water River

9. Granite Lake to Wabakimi Lake via Allan Water River

10. Redhead Lake to Brennan Lake via Nemo River

11. Snake Lake to Brennan Lake via Jeep Lake

12. Dagger Lake to Granite Lake via Otter Bluff Lake

13. Granite Lake to Lower Wabakimi Lake via McWade Lake

14. Elf Lake to Smoothrock Lake via South Lake

15. Baldhead Lake to Onamakawash Lake via Lookout River

16. Onamakawash Lake to Smoothrock Lake via Lookout River

17. Collins Lake to Smoothrock Lake via Boiling Sand River

18. Collins Lake to Tempest Lake via Shawanabis Lake

19. Maggotte Lake to Shawanabis Lake via Boulder Lake

20. Tew Lake to Lower Wabakimi Lake via Ogoki River

21. Wabakimi Lake to Smoothrock Lake via Lower Wabakimi Lake

22. Little Caribou Lake to Caribou River via Caribou Lake

23. Caribou Lake to Smoothrock Lake via Caribou River

24. Caribou Lake (Outlet Bay) to Caribou Lake (Brockway Bay) via Brockway Lake

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