Anticipated Outcomes

In this age of government cutbacks of human and financial resources, it falls to those who treasure our shrinking wilderness to become pro-active in the protection and preservation of canoe routes and their associated values. These values include public access points, portage trails, campsites and viewscapes as well as sites of historical, cultural and natural interest.

Volunteers who participate in The Wabakimi Project help make Wabakimi Provincial Park more inviting and user-friendly by exploring and documenting its historical and traditional canoe routes particularly those that have been neglected and fallen into disrepair. Preservation of the park's canoe route values will make backcountry travel safer, disperse visitor traffic over a wider area, reduce the frequency of human encounters, lessen the impact of human activity on park environs and enhance users' nature-based wilderness activities for generations to come.

Beyond Wabakimi, the canoe routes that lie on the adjacent Crown lands are an integral component of the park's values but they do not enjoy the same degree of protection as those within the park. They are prone to the impacts of road development and resource-extraction activities. The Wabakimi Project will confirm the existence and condition of these canoe routes and will collaborate with other stakeholders to negotiate their recognition and improved protection.

From the outset, the primary purpose of The Wabakimi Project has been to produce a set of maps designed to help visitors plan and mount canoe trips in the Wabakimi area. This lofty ambition has been realized with the publication of the Wabakimi Canoe Routes Planning Map as well as the first four volumes of the more detailed Wabakimi Canoe Route Maps. Proceeds from the sale of these maps will be used to further the work of The Wabakimi Project and to help achieve the targets set out below.

Mission - to promote the Wabakimi area as a world-class wilderness canoeing destination

Aim - to make self-propelled travel on area canoe routes more inviting and user-friendly

Objective - to advocate the preservation and improved protection of area canoe routes

Goal - to develop public support for the long-term stewardship of area canoe routes

Vision - to establish a provincial land use guideline for the protection of Crown land canoe routes

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