The Wabakimi Project is a unique grassroots volunteer initiative founded in 2004 to explore and document the historical and traditional canoe routes of Wabakimi Provincial Park. Since its inception, the scope of this ambitious conservancy effort has been expanded to include the canoe routes that lie on the Crown lands adjacent to the park. They provide vital access to Wabakimi as well as strategic links to other nearby provincial parks and conservation reserves.

To date, 208 volunteer trip leaders and participants from North America and Europe have collectively spent a total of 1,179 days on 142 trips exploring and mapping the canoe routes of the Wabakimi Area. Together, they have travelled 5,146km (3,198 miles) through this vast, virtually-roadless wilderness area, located and inventoried 1,001 campsites and located and rehabilitated 1,020 portages whose measured lengths have totalled 262,935m (266,935 yards or 52,282 rods).

Each year, The Wabakimi Project operates continuously from late May to mid-September. Applications are welcome from eligible paddlers interested in participating in this worthwhile canoe route conservancy effort. Early registration is strongly recommended as bookings are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wabakimi fire

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